If you see any kind of fluid under your car, you need to try to decipher what it is so that the proper repairs can be made. Some fluids are easier to identify than others, such as coolant as it's usually bright green and often has a sweet smell. If you see this fluid under your car, then it likely means that is an issue with your radiator.

Oil is usually dark brown or black. It could have a slippery consistency if you touch it and could have a burnt odor if there is a significant amount of oil that has leaked or if there is any oil that has leaked onto the exterior of the motor and had a chance to get hot while driving in Lakeland, FL.

A fluid that you might see under the center of your car is transmission fluids. It will usually have a red or pink color. If you see this fluid, you should contact Mazda Lakeland as soon as possible before your transmission is left without proper lubrication for changing gears.

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