Amp Up Your Personal Style in the Mazda3 5-Door

If you're looking for a car that puts the finishing touch on your individual style, our Lakeland, FL team thinks the Mazda3 5-door might be exactly what you're looking for. Every inch of this popular hatchback is designed to make an impact, so you'll turn heads whether you're sitting in a parking lot or flying down the highway.

The exterior of the Mazda3 is engineered to communicate a sense of speed and fluidity. The sculptural body features contours that maximize sunlight and create a sense of motion — even when you're standing still.

The sophisticated, pared-down design continues on the interior, which is made to suit the needs of the driver. The cushions are perfectly angled to provide natural full-body support, and the foot pedals sit within easy reach. As a result, you can drive in complete comfort. See how intuitive this feels when you come to Mazda Lakeland to go for a test drive.

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