Cleaning Your Tires Properly

The proper way to clean car tires is different than the way that you may have been doing it. This matters because you need to get it right to have the cleanest and most functional tires possible.

Buy a cleaning product specifically made for tires. The container should say that it is designed for tires, and it should be obvious that this is the case. You will want to spray plenty of that chemical on your tires and make sure that the chemical is scrubbed in carefully with a hard brush that gets the job done. This matters because the tires need to be sparkling clean.

After you have done this, you may begin to use water to spray them down and then you should dry them completely before getting them back out on the road again. Clean tires perform better than tires that have been used up and not taken care of. Make sure you do what needs to be done to get them clean.

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