To enjoy your vehicle and get the longest useful life from it, you want a smooth ride. Your car’s suspension system is an important component for assuring both a safe and smooth ride. It is important that your suspension system is checked regularly and serviced when needed.

The main pieces of the suspension are the struts and the shocks. First of all, struts act as shock dampeners much like a shock absorber. In addition, they supply structural support for the vehicle’s suspension. Struts not only deliver a smoother ride, but they also improve handling and vehicle control. In addition to a smoother ride, shock absorbers also make sure your tires stay on the road.

Given the important functions of the suspension system in your car, you probably want to have a recurring schedule to check your shocks and struts. Mazda Lakeland in Lakeland, FL encourages you to set up an appointment for us to give your suspension a thorough inspection. We will look for wear and tear and make recommendations that could add to both the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

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