What Are A Car's Gaskets?

A car is comprised of scores of parts. Not every piece fits together seamlessly, so they need a little help from supporting components. A gasket fits such a description. Described as "elastomeric," gaskets provide seals where surfaces meet. Rubber is commonly used to make gaskets, but steel and other materials might be utilized as well.

When a gasket becomes loose, degrades, or suffers damage, a leak occurs. You wouldn't want an engine to leak vital fluid since this could total the car. Imagine if too much oil leaked out through a hole in a gasket. The engine could become scrap metal in no time.

Car owners must stay on top of anything that looks amiss or out of place. Fluids on the ground may indicate a leak. A damaged gasket or other problem must be identified without delay. And you don't want to delay the fix, either.

Don't drive around Lakeland, FL with a worn gasket. Bring the vehicle to the service department at Mazda Lakeland for repairs.

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