Why Washing Your Car Regularly is Important

Beyond the superficial appreciation of a clean car, there exists a number of reasons for keeping your vehicle neat and tidy inside and out. Regular maintenance of its surface keeps you apprised of any changes to your vehicle's paint job. Little scratches or marks are the perfect entry for rust to begin to spread. If you consistently wash your car, you'll catch these little issues immediately before they become bigger problems.

Keeping your windows and headlights free of the inevitable coating of dust that seems to accumulate so quickly can also keep you safe. Late afternoon sunshine meeting a dust-covered windshield can obscure your vision, and dusty headlights won't illuminate the road ahead properly.

A clean car can even save you money. Studies show that the more dirt is on your car, the more drag it creates when you are traveling at highway speeds. You can actually improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency by keeping it clean.

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