Explore the Latest Mazda CX-5 Options

The Mazda CX-5 remains a popular crossover SUV for its spectacular style inside and out. The latest models come in five different trim lines that enable potential owners to express their individuality. But, the 2019 models also offer a variety of technological features. Catch a glimpse of the new models and their amenities in our Lakeland, FL inventory.

Combine the premium sound system with Siri to access contacts, apps, maps and playlists from your mobile device via voice control. The system also enables you to send and receive text messages without taking your hands from the steering wheel or diverting your eyes from traffic.

The latest technology also enhances the driving experience. The technology is designed to provide a smoother ride. When turning a corner, the vehicle's weight shifts, and power is delivered to the appropriate wheels to effortlessly move the SUV through its paces. Take one of our Mazda Lakeland vehicles for a drive and experience the difference.

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