An engine filter is available in two common designs for optimum performance in various driving conditions. Most vehicles are equipped with a rectangular filter that's positioned horizontally relative to the engine block. High-performance cars usually have a cylindrical filter that's optimized to boost combustion cycles.

The replacement schedule of this critical automotive component depends on the climate and terrain in Lakeland, FL. For example, significant pollen accumulation inside an engine block is a major concern during the spring season. If you frequently embark on off-road trips, then your vehicle's engine filtration system will quickly get clogged with mud, dirt, and grime. Acid rain and other polluted precipitation tend to exert extra strain on an automotive air filter. Additionally, smog and smoke in major urban areas will surely reduce the durability of the filtration unit under the hood of your car. Visit Mazda Lakeland and buy a clean air filter for your vehicle.

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