Here are Two Important Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features

This year, the new Mazda3 sedan is seen as a popular compact car that comes with a number of features drivers appreciate. These are two safety features that motorists certainly want in their vehicle.

The Blind Spot Information System in this year’s Mazda3 was designed to help the driver to identify traffic behind them in an adjacent lane. If a vehicle moves into one of your blind spots, your side mirror flashes so you know exactly where not to move until that car has passed and the lane next to you is clear to travel to.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature in the new Mazda3 will make driving in reverse easier too. Simply shift into reverse, the sensors track in both directions for oncoming traffic. If another vehicle could be moving in your path, you'll get a series of flashes and alerts to keep you informed and give you the chance to proceed carefully.

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