Exploring the Tech-Filled Mazda CX-9

Here at Mazda Lakeland, our customers regularly ask us about the gadgets and technology in the cars on our lot. Though most cars nowadays feature a glut of exciting tech features, there is one vehicle that stands out above the rest - the Mazda CX-9 SUV.

Citizens of Lakeland, FL who manage their whole lives from the phone will be thrilled to learn that the CX-9 makes this easier than ever. By utilizing the vehicle's integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, you will be able to access all of your favorite apps from the comfort of the CX-9's touchscreen display.

Of course, technology isn't just for entertainment. It is also for safety. With this in mind, Mazda has made their predictive i-ACTIV AWD system available to CX-9 owners. This feature monitors road conditions and adjusts the vehicle's power delivery - providing the driver with improved traction in any weather.

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